Candidate Toolkit

Candidate Scheduling Tool

Build your own Meet & Greet schedule! Use this scheduling tool to keep track of your registered meet and greets for the day. You can also add workshops that interest you.

Resume Builder

Do you need help crafting your resume? My Perfect Resume is geared toward school educators in specific teaching areas and has tons of example resumes to view. You may also want to check out Canva’s or Adobe’s free online resume builder for standout templates. A few additional tips…


OLAS is the leading job search platform for anyone interested in working in a public school setting in New York State. Public schools utilize OLAS to advertise instructional, non-instructional and Civil Service positions. It is strongly encouraged that job candidates create an OLAS account, keep their information (and resumes) up to date, and apply for vacancies. For a chance to have a 1:1 session navigating OLAS, be sure to complete the job fair participant survey!

More recently schools have also turned to Indeed and LinkedIn in their candidate searches. It doesn't hurt to make an account with each job search platform or simply browse vacancies.  

Interview Do's & Don'ts

Virtual Meet & Greet Suggestions