The following workshops are planned for March 4, 2023 as part of the LHCSPA Diversity Job Fair.  We will add video recordings of these sessions once they take place for prospective candidates to view in preparation for the job search.

Presenting Your Best Self: Cover Letter & Resume Advice

Dr. Joe Lloyd, Director of HR, South Orangetown CSD

Dr. Corey Reynolds, Asst. Sup't for HR, CSD of New Rochelle


What to Expect in the Interview & How to Prepare

Traci Jackson, Exec. Dir. of HR, CSD of New Rochelle

 Jeff Sobel, Asst. Sup't for Personnel, Clarkstown CSD

Host: Rebecca Lloyd       SLIDE PRESENTATION

Preparing for Demo Lessons & Lesson Studies

Dr. Gail Duffy, Asst. Sup't for Instruction & Human Resources, Irvington UFSD

Mr. Jon Hirsch, Principal, Irvington UFSD

Host: Michael Curtin        SLIDE PRESENTATION

Are you a Teacher of ELLs? We All Are!

Beverly Guity, Resource Specialist 

Hudson Valley RBERN

Host: Suzanne Doherty      SLIDE PRESENTATION